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See also the South-East Schools Calendar 2017-18.

Scottish Country Dancing for Children

Children's Classes

Fun for boys and girls on Saturday mornings, see Notice. St John’s Children’s and Young Dancers’ Scottish Country Dancing Class is run by St John’s Scottish Country Dancing Club. Run by a certified teacher, contact Deborah Draffin on 01344 776 831.

Held at 9.30am - 11.30am on Saturdays during term time at
Crowthorne Parish Hall, 50 Heath Hill Road South, Crowthorne, Berkshire  RG45 7BN

Beginner’s Class

See Starting Scottish Country Dancing.

We don’t have a class for beginners currently. People new to Scottish country dancing are encouraged to contact Mervyn Short, 01903 782413 and he can arrange an introduction at 7.30pm before the Wednesday Class (see just below), They will be shown the basic steps and formations before being integrated into the main class.

Any of the many clubs in the area are also pleased to offer instruction most times but please contact them a few days in advance.


Held at 8.00pm-10.00pm on Wednesdays at
St Mary’s Church Hall, Park Road, Camberley  GU15 2SR

This is a general class, it caters for all abilities from intermediate level and follows the RSCDS criteria.

The class starts with a warm up followed by step and formation practise and dances to illustrate points of technique. After a tea break there is less emphasis on technique and typically dances from forthcoming dances are taught finishing with an old favourite and a cool down. This is a friendly class and newcomers are always made very welcome.

RSCDS members £3.00, non-members £4.00. Try to bring a cup if you want coffee or tea.

Teacher/Contact: Mervyn Short, 01903 782413.

Autumn term is on Wednesdays from 5th September to 12th December. 12th December is a party night.

After Christmas classes are on the Wednesdays from 9th January until 13th May. There is a break for Easter on the 24th April . May 22nd is the AGM and End of Season Dance

Summer Social Dancing

Summer Social dancing in 2019 is every Wednesday from 5th June to 21st August and is £2.50 for RSCDS members and £3.50 for non-members.


Held at 8.15pm approximately every two weeks.excluding the first Monday of each month
The first two in September are at
St Mary’s Church Hall, Park Road, Camberley  GU15 2SR

The rest of the year from October are at
St Sebastian’s Memorial Hall, Honey Hill, Nile Mile Ride, Wokingham  RG40 3BA

For 2019-20 season this class will metamorphose once more! It is reverting to an advanced class and will be taught by only three teachers, Pat Houghton, Paul Plummer and Mervyn Short. We're very pleased to say that Judith Muir will continue to play at these events. The class will follow the standard format i.e. warm-up, step practice, formations, more challenging dances and a cool down. Attendees should be fit and able to sustain a reasonable energy level for the whole class. Although, good technique will be expected you don't need to dance at demonstration level! We hope to see you there.

The classes start promptly at 8.15pm and finish at 10.15pm. Try to bring a cup if you want coffee or tea.

RSCDS members £4.00, non-members £5.00

Contact: Alex Duncan, 01932 241615.

Sep 23rdPat
Sep 30thPat
Oct 21stPat
Oct 28thPaul
Nov 11thPaul
Nov 25thPaul
Dec 9thPaul
Jan 27thPaul
Feb 10thMervyn
Feb 24thMervyn
Mar 9thPat
Mar 23rdPat
Apr 20thMervyn
Apr 27thMervyn

The ones in September are in St Mary’s, the rest are in St Sebastian’s

Courses and Awards

Most classes run by the Branch do not lead to any award, they are simply so people can try to improve their dancing style.

The RSCDS run a programme of examinations and tests. These include Medal Tests for young dancers, Dancing Achievement Awards (DAA) for adults, and Teacher Certificates. Please see Courses. If you are interested in any of these please tell our Branch Secretary so we know when there is some demand.

The RSCDS runs Summer and Winter Schools, see Event Information, which are well worth going to. It is possible to book for a Dancing Achievement Award test at these. Note that different grades are done in different weeks.