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Dancers’ and Musicians’ Day School and Evening Dance

NOTE NEW VENUE Calthorpe Park School, Hitches Lane, Fleet, Hampshire  GU51 5JA

Saturday 9th March 2019

Day School  10:30am – 5:30pm 
Evening Dance  6:30pm – 10pm 

Dance TeachersAntoine Rousseau (Paris)
  Anne Whillis, John Fletcher (BHS Border Branch)
Musicians for dance classesKen Martlew (Hemel Hempstead)
  Calum Mitchell (Ashford)
Musicians’ TeacherMuriel Johnstone

Full details are included in the application forms.

Please fill in and return one of the application forms below with fee to attend

Application form for Dancers: PDF, Word

Application form for Musicians: PDF, Word

For the Evening Dance please use the Day School Dancers Application form.

Flyers: Day School for Dancers & Musicians and Dance after the Day School

Evening Dance programme cribs and videos and MiniCrib (Word)

Google map: Calthorpe Park School, Hitches Lane, Fleet, Hampshire  GU51 5JA

Enquiries for dancers: Catherine Smith, 01483 502422.

Enquiries for musicians: Chris Brown, 01252 674708.

Beginners’ session with John

There will be an afternoon class for beginners from 2.00pm-4.00pm with John Fletcher. This class is for people who have been dancing regularly for less than a year.. Attention will be given to the steps and basic formations. It is followed by cake and refreshments, and you are welcome to try the free session of Ceilidh & Sequence Dancing from 4.15pm–5.30pm.

Please apply using the Application form for dancers.

The Evening Dance is not suitable for beginners.

Dancers’ Day School

Dancers should have a reasonable knowledge of most steps and formations and be able to follow instructions with confidence.

There is a General class in the morning from 11.00am-1.00pm with Antoine and Ken.

There are separate classes in the afternoon from 2.00pm-4.00pm; an Advanced class with Antoine and Ken, and an Improvers class with Anne and Calum. On the advice of the teacher, dancers may be allocated to the most appropriate class, please see the application form for a guideline.

The day school is followed by Tea and home-made cakes from 4.00pm–6.00pm. Day school or Evening Dance attendees may also take one of two free classes during this time:
Putting on a Demonstration with Antoine & Ken from 4.30pm–5.45pm; numbers will be limited according to the request of the teacher and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
A session of Ceilidh & Sequence Dancing from 4.15pm–5.30pm with Catherine Smith, Chris Brown and Penny Bysshe, with Calum; this is open to all.

Morning enrolment and coffee 10.30am-11.00am. Bring a packed lunch if attending all day - tea and coffee will be provided, or there are local pubs. It would be appreciated if you could bring your own cup or bottle for water.

Musicians’ Day School

The musician’ day school is suitable for musicians aged 14 and over with a minimum of Grade 4. There is a morning session from 11.00am-1.00pm and an afternoon session from 2.00pm-5.00pm, half-day is morning only.

It is hoped that the musicians will stay to join Muriel Johnstone in playing for the evening dance. Sheet music will be provided during February for preparation.

Tea and home-made cakes 5.00pm-6.00pm.

Morning enrolment and coffee 10.30am-11.00am. Bring a packed lunch if attending all day - tea and coffee will be provided, or there are local pubs. It would be appreciated if you could bring your own cup or bottle for water.

Evening Dance

The Day School will be followed by an evening dance 6.30pm-10.00pm with Muriel Johnstone and the Day School Musicians. Non-Day School attendees are welcome to join the dance (all dances will be walked once). There will be light refreshments at the interval.

Please apply in advance using the Day School Dancers Application form above.

Cribs with diagrams and videos from SCDDB at RSCDS BHS 2019-03-09 Day School Dance

Muriel Johnstone

Muriel Johnstone

I grew up in a family of music lovers and dancers so it was probably inevitable that my career would be influenced by these early experiences. I started Scottish country dancing at the age of seven in the North West Ayrshire Branch children’s class where my mother was the pianist. By osmosis, I learned so much from her playing about what is needed to make a good dance musician. Despite her efforts to steer me firmly down a classical music road, the pull of Scottish music has always been strong and I have danced and played for dancing for much of my life and have had countless hours of enjoyment, great adventures travelling the world and the huge satisfaction of passing on some of my knowledge and experiences to others.

Apart from playing and teaching, I love accompanying, composing and recording. My label “Scotscores” has astonishingly reached CD 34 since its small beginnings in 1983!

It is my pleasure to return to Borders Branch to lead the musicians at the Day School

Antoine Rousseau

Antoine Rousseau p>I have started dancing in Paris when I was 15 in a group which became few years later the Paris Branch. I first joined the RSCDS summer school in 1988 and it was a revelation: the good mixture of fun, technique and social activities. I have been teaching since I was 21 year old, first in Lyon during my studies, then in Paris and passed my teaching certificate in 2009. Since then, I taught at RSCDS Summer School at St Andrews, and several WE and Schools in Northern America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, where I met wonderful people of the Scottish dancing scene. I currently dance and teach at the Paris-Branch, in France.

Ken Martlew

Ken Martlew

Ken Martlew has been a semi-professional musician most of his life, mainly with church music and conducting choral societies. He read music at Oxford University for a year before switching to medicine. While a medical student he gained his (ARCO) diploma on the organ, conducted numerous choirs, and composed an opera which was successfully performed at the college.

Around 1980 he discovered Scottish Country Dancing, and became a keen dancer, gaining his RSCDS Teacher’s Certificate in 1993. He then started playing the piano for Scottish Country Dancing, giving up regular church and choral music commitments to concentrate on it. In 2002 he retired from his medical work as a GP in order to give more time to SCD.

Since 1994 Ken has been a frequent pianist at St. Andrews Summer School. He was Branch Pianist at Cambridge for 8 years, moving on to the Berks./Hants./Surrey Borders Branch, and he played for the London Advanced /Technique class for 15 years. He has taught or played for countless SCD events in the UK and in some 14 other countries. He has run SCD Music Workshops in Germany, France and Holland, danced with the London demonstration team, and tutored a successful RSCDS Teachers Certificate course.

Ken regularly teams up with Barbara Manning (or other violinists), to form a duo. The combination is versatile, as he can teach classes in the day accompanied by Barbara, and play as a duo for the evening Dances.

Anne Whillis

Anne Whillis

My first introduction to SCD – or at least, the music – was probably before I was born. Certainly, as a baby I was taken along in my carrycot when my parents were dancing in demonstrations. I started dancing at the children’s class in my home town when I was about 8 years old; that lasted until school hockey matches clashed with the class – and won!

I came back to dancing in the mid–1980s after the birth of my third daughter. A few years later my older two daughters started dancing at St. John’s children’s class; in the early 1990s I was I was asked if I would share the teaching of the class with Chris Brown. I was very fortunate as our Branch organised courses for candidates for both the Preliminary and Full Certificates, so I was able to take both certificates locally, in 1993 and 1995, with Bruce Frazer as tutor.

I enjoyed sharing the teaching of the Children’s class for several years and have taught as a guest teacher at several local clubs and the Branch Monday class; I have also enjoyed teaching a few Beginners’ classes for the Branch.

I was a member of the Badenoch Dancers for several years, taking part in the Slough Festival and have enjoyed my visits to Summer School, meeting dancers from all over the world.

John Fletcher

John Fletcher

After watching my sisters dance as a teenager and then much later in the mid-1980s seeing our daughters also enjoying it so much at the St. John’s Children’s Class, my wife and I decided to try it for ourselves. We experienced our first Summer School in 1988 – we learnt such a lot and discovered a vibrant after-hours social scene!

I have been very lucky to be surrounded by some great teachers in my local area from whom I have learnt a great deal – differing techniques and teaching styles plus the all-important sense of fun.

I gained my teaching certificate in 2013 and I am now the permanent teacher for the Purley Scottish Dancing Club who meet in Beenham. I also teach at my own club (St. John’s SCDC) on a rotational basis as well as guest teaching at various local clubs.

I really enjoy passing on my knowledge to newer dancers.