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Date Planner

Please email webmaster as early as possible with any planned dates to try and avoid clashes.

I have tried to include clubs outside the Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch which are within 30 minutes of a club in the branch and have a dance with a band. Plus day schools further away and some other events that may have some large effect. Any suggestions gratefully received

Past and future event dates for planning
March1-7Fri 1London Highland BallSat 3Sat 4Fleet BallSat 5
Sat 2Fleet DanceSun 5Abingdon
Mon 4Guildford
Thu 7Abingdon Ball
8-14Sat 9Branch Day SchoolSat 10Branch Day SchoolSat 11Branch Day SchoolSat 12Branch Day School
Sat 9Reigate BallWed 14Addlestone SpringSat 11Reigate
Tue 12New Forest
Wed 13Addlestone Spring
Thu 14Lucy Clark
15-21Fri 15Branch MeetingSat 17Watford BallSat 18Watford BallSat 19
Sat 16Watford BallSun 18Abingdon Tea DanceSun 19SERTA
Tue 20FarnhamSun 19Winchester
Tue 21Farnham
22-28Sat 23Lucy ClarkSat 24Camberley+BracknellSat 25Camberley+BracknellSat 26
Sat 23Richmond
Sun 24Abingdon
Tue 26Farnham
29-31Sat 30ReadingFri 30Easter WeekendFri 31Thu 31
April1-7Sat 6Bracknell+CamberleySat 7Sat 1ReadingSat 2
Sun 2Newbury
8-14Sat 13Sat 14Lucy ClarkSat 8FleetSat 9Camberley+Bracknell
Sat 14ReadingSat 8Fleet ApprenticeTue 12Winchester
15-21Fri 19Easter WeekendSun 15WinchesterSat 15Fri 15RSCDS 3
Sat 21Fleet ApprenticeSat 16Fleet Apprentice
Sat 21RichmondSat 16Reading
22-28Sat 27Fleet ApprenticesSun 22New ForestSat 22Argyll SchoolSat 23Argyll Day School
Sat 28Argyll SchoolSun 24Newbury
29-30Tue 30Sun 29NewburySat 29GuildfordSat 30Guildford
May1-7Sat 4GuildfordSat 5GuildfordSun 7Maidenhead Tea DanceSat 7
Mon 6May DayMon 7May Day
8-14Sun 12Maidenhead Tea DanceSun 13Maidenhead Tea DanceSun 14New ForestSun 8Maidenhead Tea Dance
Sun 12New ForestSun 8New Forest
15-21Sat 18Branch May BallSat 19Branch May BallSat 20Branch May BallSat 21Branch May Ball
22-28Wed 22Branch AGMWed 23Branch AGMWed 24Branch AGMWed 25Branch AGM
Mon 27Spring HolidayMon 28Spring Holiday
29-31Fri 31Thu 31Wed 31Tue 31
June1-7Sat 1London Highland BallSat 2London Highland BallSat 3AbingdonSat 4
Sat 3London Highland Ball
8-14Sat 8AbingdonSat 9Sat 10Sat 11
15-21Sat 15London Highland BallSat 16AbingdonTue 20FarnhamTue 21Farnham
Sat 16Harwell
Tue 19Farnham
Thu 21Watford
22-28Sat 22Sat 23Sat 24MarlowSat 25Marlow
Sat 24WinchesterSat 25Winchester
29-30Sat 29Sat 30Fri 30Thu 30
July1-7Thu 4WatfordSun 1Branch Tea DanceSat 1BookhamSat 2Bookham
Sat 6Bookham 60th AnniversarySat 7BookhamSun 2Branch Tea DanceSat 2St Johns
Sun 7Branch Tea DanceSun 3Branch Tea Dance
8-14Sat 13Sat 14Sat 8RichmondSat 9Richmond
15-21Sat 20Sat 21Sun 16RSCDS SummerSat 16
22-28Sat 27Sun 22WatfordSat 22Sat 23
29-31Wed 31Tue 31Sat 29Sat 30
August1-7Sat 3Sat 4Sat 5Sat 6
8-14Sat 10Sat 11Sat 12Sat 13
15-21Sat 17Sat 18Sat 19Sat 20
22-28Mon 26August HolidayMon 27August HolidaySat 26Sat 27
29-31Sat 31Fri 31Thu 31Wed 31
September1-7Sat 7Sat 1Sat 2Sat 3
8-14Sat 14Sat 8Sat 9Sat 10
15-21Sat 21Sat 15Sat 16Fri 16SERTA
22-28Sat 28Sat 22Sun 24SERTASat 24Winchester
29-30Mon 30Sat 29Branch AutumnSat 30Branch AutumnFri 30
Sat 29Winchester BallSat 30Winchester Ball
October1-7Sat 5Fri 5Argyll 3 daysFri 6Argyll 3 daysSat 1Branch Autumn
8-14Sat 12Sat 13Sat 14Sat 8
15-21Sat 19Sat 20London RSCDS SchoolSun 15Maidenhead Tea DanceSat 15London RSCDS School
Sat 21London RSCDS SchoolSun 16Maidenhead Tea Dance
22-28Sat 26Sat 27Oxford BallSat 28Oxford BallSat 22Oxford RSCDS Ball
29-31Thu 31Tue 30TadleyTue 31TadleySat 29
November1-7Sat 2Sat 3Sat 4Fri 4RSCDS 3
8-14Sun 10ReadingSat 10Hayes BallSat 11Hayes BallSat 12Hayes Ball
Sun 10Reading Tea DanceSun 11Reading Tea DanceSun 12Reading Tea Dance
15-21Sat 16St JohnsFri 16Watford BallSat 18St JohnsSat 19Harwell Ball
Sat 17St Johns BallSun 19Berkhamsted SchoolSun 20Berkhamsted School
Sun 18Berkhamsted SchoolSun 20Mervyn Short School
22-28Sat 23Fri 23Wembley BallSun 26WinchesterSat 26St Johns
Sun 27Reading
29-30Sat 30Fri 30Thu 30Wed 30
December1-7Sat 7Abingdon BallSat 1Fleet ApprenticesSat 2Abingdon & Harwell BallSat 3Fleet
Sat 1Harwell & Abingdon BallSat 2Fleet ApprenticeSat 3Fleet Apprentice
8-14Sat 14Lucy ClarkSat 8Basingstoke CharitySat 9BasingstokeSat 10Basingstoke
Sat 8Lucy ClarkSat 9Lucy ClarkSat 10Lucy Clark
15-21Sat 21Sat 15New Forest BallSat 16New ForestSat 17New Forest Ball
Thu 20Watford
22-28Wed 25ChristmasTue 25ChristmasMon 25ChristmasWed 28Branch Xmas
Fri 28Branch XmasThu 28Branch Xmas
29-31Tue 31Sat 29Sun 31NewburySat 31
January1-7Sat 4Sat 5Sat 6Sat 7
8-14Sat 11Sat 12Maidenhead BallSat 13Maidenhead BallSat 14Maidenhead Ball
15-21Sat 18Sun 20Gerrards XSun 21Gerrards XSat 21
22-28Sat 25Sat 26Sat 27AddlestoneSun 22Gerrards X
29-31Fri 31Tue 29Farnham BurnsWed 31Tue 31
February1-7Sat 1London Highland BallSat 2London Highland BallSat 3London Highland BallSat 4London Highland Ball
Sat 2Reading BallSat 3Reading BallSat 4Reading
8-14Sat 8Sat 9Berkhamsted BallSat 10Berkhamsted BallSat 11Berkhamsted Ball
15-21Sat 15Sat 16Oxford RSCDS SchoolSat 17Oxford Day SchoolSat 18Oxford RSCDS School
Sun 18RSCDS WinterSat 18Richmond Ball
22-28Sat 22Sat 23Wembley BallSat 24Fleet BallSat 25
Sat 24Wembley Ball
29Sat 29

Designing a Programme

20 Tips for a Good Dance Programme by Mervyn Short.

From Bracknell Reel Club

Popularity of Dances in the South East.

SCD Shuffle - Suggests some dances for a programme.

From the Strathspey Server

Notes on Planning A Scottish Country Dance Program by Keith Smith.

Briefings by Anselm Lingnau.